Living Slowly: The Garden of Philosophy
2020. február 27. írta: fosterur

Living Slowly: The Garden of Philosophy


Budapest has a lot of unique parks. One of my favourite places is The Garden of Philosophy or The Philosophers’ Garden - this park has statues of different philosophers from all around the world.

This inspiring monument on Gellért Hill, created by sculptor Nandor Wagner, consists of eight bronze statues depicting famous thinkers and religious figures. Jesus Christ, Buddha, Gandhi, Abraham, Saint Francis of Assisi, Laozi/LaoTze, Daruma Taishi/Bodhidarma and Akhenaten/Ekhnaton meet here for a “Better Understanding of Each Other”, as can be read around the base.

Five figures on a circle around a ball in the center – Jesus of Nazareth, Akhenaten/Ekhnaton, Abraham (the father of Judaism and Islam), Laozi/LaoTze and Gautama Budha – symbolize different religions from around the world. The other three, from different times and cultures, standing in a row: Saint Francis of Assisi, Daruma Taishi/Bodhidarma, Mahatma Gandhi have greatly influenced spiritual enlightenment.

The symbolism is showing that different cultures and religions can be at peace, if they try.

Nandor Wagner was a Hungarian sculptor, he was born in Nagyvárad (Oradea) in Romania. Wagner studied at Budapest Art Academy in the 40s. After the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 he had to leave Hungary and soon he established his studio in Sweden. In 1967 he started a new life in Japan with his wife.

Nandor Wagner spent the last 15 years of his life with making his Garden of Philosophy. It was not for order but from his free will. He wanted to leave a message for the next generations. His concept was to form a circular centre where he placed those ones whose life and spiritual heritage has been effecting the life of most of the people since long (Abraham, Akhenaten - Amenhotep IV., Jesus, Buddha, Lao-tse). He placed in the outer space the statues of those personalities who lived their life according the high standards and morals given by the central figures (Mahatma Gandhi, Daruma - Boddhi Dharma, Saint Francis of Assisi). The group of outstanding law founders has been composed on historical basis (Hammurabi, Justinian, Moses, Prince Shotoku).

Visitors coming to the garden can sit and think, reflect on the world and many things, while taking a break If you have a few hours to do so or you plan to have a picnic, consider going to the Garden of Philosopy.

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